Engineering Challenge – Saturday 26 April

Dear all

Don’t miss Saturday nights engineering challenge !

All will be explained when you get there, but Barbie and Ken are strapped into separate Lynton and Barnstable Railway wagons under water in two separate baby baths!

The challenge is to rescue them in the shortest possible time. You’ll need to making a device out of the available materials that will travel down the track and couple on to the wagon and rescue our two intrepid heroes.

If this leaves you bursting with curiosity come along to the clubhouse and join in the fun at 7pm on Saturday 28th April.

It will be quite a challenge – The winning team gets to set next year’s challenge!

See you there I hope!


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One Response to Engineering Challenge – Saturday 26 April

  1. member says:

    Richard, this was an excellent evening well done. You asked for thoughts for a future such competitive challenge, well here’s a few for comments.
    1 lets let the teams send their chairperson to e given the brief and they then brief their teams.
    2 give the teams a finite amount of intellectual capital (monopoly type money) to “buy items” to construct their idea(s).
    3 next time let’s try an egg race type event where an egg must be remotely delivered to a set point or into a specific receptacle .
    4 I thought your allocation of team members gave the right sort of balance of experience and enthusiasm.
    5 A prize decided by the NON PARTICIPANTS for originality, accuracy etc might be a good idea?
    6 depending upon time a set number of “live” runs might be useful?

    Let’s get some more ideas on this board please folks !

    Ian welford

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